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ARIVsys SoftwareARIVsys Software Inc. develops and markets innovative IT solutions for organizations to
maximize the efficiency of one of their largest, most complex, and vital investments - human resources.

One of the many features that makes our product unique is its adaptability and ease of use. ARIVsys’ client base ranges from small companies, with less than four employees to organizations with thousands of employees. In addition, our software addresses the needs of various types of organizations and is adaptable to any industry…from salaried or time hourly pay environments, to businesses with office hours or shift work.

The focus of ARIVsys Software Inc. is developing web based and Windows business solutions…using IT expertise to create the right tool to achieve their clients’ objectives.




ARIVsys news

December 1, 2007
Launch of ARIVsys Software. It is with great pleasure that we announce the launching of our new company ARIVsys Software. Although we enjoyed many successful years under the Exclusisoft banner, our expanded and enhanced product lines, our increased research and development teams, along with augmented pre-and post-sales customer support, mandated we create a new company with a new management team.

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January 21, 2008
Launch of ARIVsys Web site.


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